Our Bentonville Storage Unit Pricing Guide

October 5, 2020
Photo of Bentonville storage units. Learn more about our storage unit prices here at Modern Storage Bentonville!

Have you heard the great news? Our new Bentonville location is open and ready to serve you. If you are searching for the best storage units at the best price, you will find them at our new storage facility located on SW 14th Street.

From small, climate-controlled storage lockers to large, outdoor RV storage units, we have a storage solution that can fit your needs and your budget here in Bentonville. Plus, we have some unbeatable storage amenities any customer can enjoy at no added cost.

Start exploring your storage options below!

Small Storage Units in Bentonville

Our smallest Bentonville storage units start at just $48 per month!

Storage units in these sizes feel like a walk-in closet, so they are perfect for storing boxes, collectibles, seasonal décor, and small furniture:

  • 5x5 Storage Unit—$48 per month
  • 5x10 Storage Unit—$65 per month
  • 5x15 Storage Unit—$75 per month

Medium Storage Units in Bentonville

Our medium-sized storage units are perfect if your storage needs have you feeling a little bit like Goldilocks. They aren’t too big or too small; they are just right at an awesome price:

  • 10x10 Storage Unit—$75 per month
  • 10x10 Storage Unit w/Drive-Up Access—$80 per month
  • 10x15 Storage Unit w/Drive-Up Access—$99 per month

If you are considering anything 10x10 or larger, you will notice that our Bentonville storage units offer drive-up access. This makes feature loading and unloading easier and more convenient, especially if you are backing up a trailer full of your personal belongings.

Large Storage Units in Bentonville

As storage units get larger, so can the items you store inside them.

Furniture, machinery, equipment…they can comfortably fit in these sizes at a price that doesn’t break the bank:

  • 10x20 Storage Unit w/Drive-Up Access—$125 per month
  • 10x30 Storage Unit w/Drive-Up Access—$169 per month

Climate Control Storage Units in Bentonville

All the storage units we have priced for you so far have not been climate controlled. This means the unit is not heated in the winter and cooled in the summer to maintain a comfortable temperature and control humidity.

A climate-controlled storage unit—while more expensive—is recommended if you will be storing sensitive items like electronics, appliances, artwork, heirlooms, documents, etc. that could be damaged or warped by seasonal changes in weather conditions.

Here are prices for our climate-controlled storage units here in Bentonville:

  • 4x4 Storage Locker—$45 per month
  • 5x5 Storage Unit—$65 per month
  • 5x10 Storage Unit—$80 per month
  • 5x15 Storage Unit—$95 per month
  • 10x10 Storage Unit—$110 per month
  • 10x15 Storage Unit—$125 per month
  • 10x20 Storage Unit—$155 per month
  • 10x25 Storage Unit—$200 per month

RV, Boat & Vehicle Storage Units in Bentonville

Our vehicle storage units are disappearing quickly in Bentonville!

If you need to store your RV, store your boat, or storage a personal vehicle, here are the two options we have available now:

  • 12x35 Storage Unit w/Drive-Up Access—$225 per month
  • 14x50 RV Storage Unit w/Drive-Up Access & Electricity—$375 per month

Not sure what storage unit size is right for you? Give our team of experts a call at 479.316.2500 for assistance! They can help you pick out the perfect storage unit at the right price.

When you’re ready to reserve your storage unit, it’s super easy to do right here on the Modern Storage® website. Just visit our Bentonville storage facility page and select the size you want!

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