Storage by the Foot: Your Quick Guide to Unit Sizes

April 22, 2021
Photo of a Modern Storage employee opening a storage unit door.

If you’re storage unit shopping for the very first time, it’s totally normal to have trouble picturing how much space you need.

By multiplying a unit’s length by its width, you can calculate the square footage and get an idea of what you might be working with. So, we’re breaking down each of our storage unit sizes to help you pick the perfect one!

Small Storage Units

Small storage units will remind you of a walk-in closet.

These sizes are perfect for storing seasonal decorations, a few boxes, small pieces of furniture, or even some recreational equipment like bicycles or kayaks.


A 4x4 storage locker has 16 square feet of space.


A 5x5 storage unit has 25 square feet of space.


A 5x10 storage unit has 50 square feet of space.


A 5x15 storage unit has 75 square feet of space.

Large Storage Units

Our larger storage unit sizes are very similar to a one or two-car garage, depending on how big you go!


A 10x10 storage unit has 100 square feet of space.


A 10x15 storage unit has 150 square feet of space.


A 10x20 storage unit has 200 square feet of space.

If you need to store a small vehicle, check out the options at our Maumelle location. We have 10x20 storage units with double doors, so you can drive through or back in!


A 10x25 storage unit has 250 square feet of space.


A 10x30 storage unit has 300 square feet of space.


A 12x30 storage unit has 360 square feet of space.


A 12x35 storage unit has 420 square feet of space. That’s like a whole studio apartment!

Recreational Vehicle Storage Units

Storing a big boat or RV? We have storage options for you, too!


A 14x20 parking space has 280 square feet of space.


A 14x30 parking space has 420 square feet of space.


A 14x45 storage unit has 630 square feet of space.


A 14x50 storage unit or parking space has 700 square feet of space.

Still need help deciding which storage unit size will fit your stuff? Check out our handy storage calculator or call a Modern Storage® location near you for assistance from our staff of storage experts.

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