The Difference Between Indoor and Climate Control Storage

October 19, 2021
Graphic superimposing two photos together. On the left side, there is a climate controlled storage hallway with red unit doors. On the right side, there is an indoor storage hallway with white unit doors.

When shopping for a storage unit, you may have come across terms like indoor storage, climate control storage, non-climate storage, storage locker, drive-up access, and more. Is your head spinning? Unsure what you need to choose? We can help!

Our storage experts have already explained the key differences between indoor and outdoor storage and broken down why climate control may or may not be for you. But there’s one comparison we haven’t explored yet, and that indoor storage vs. climate control storage.

You might want to assume they are the same thing, but there is one key distinction that makes them a little bit different.

Different: Temperature Control

Indoor or non-climate storage units, while housed inside a storage building, will not be considered climate-controlled unless the building itself is temperature controlled.

Let us explain…

At Modern Storage®, we do offer indoor, non-climate control storage units that are housed in buildings not designed for climate-controlled storage. This means the temperature inside the building is not kept between 55 and 85 degrees (like in a climate-controlled storage building) to limit the effects of hot humidity in the summer and freezing frosts in the winter.

If you’re concerned about mold and mildew, or if you’re storing temperature-sensitive items, you should rent a climate control storage unit from us!

Same: Security Features

Aside from temperature, there is no difference between our indoor storage and climate control storage options.

In fact, by being indoors, both options come with additional security features beyond an outdoor storage unit offering drive-up access.

Access Control

All Modern Storage® facilities are protected by 24-hour surveillance cameras and access-controlled entrance and exit gates. Every customer has a unique passcode that lets them in or out, so we can always control who is coming and going!

Once you enter the property, you will see from our wide driveways that the doors to our drive-up access storage units are exposed to the outdoors.

The doors to our indoor and climate-controlled storage units, however, are housed in buildings with access-controlled hallways. That means you get yet another level of security!

Only customers renting a unit within a building can enter that building by inputting their unique customer access code at the door. You cannot get in unless you have a unit in the building!

If you have any questions about renting indoor or climate control storage, contact a Modern Storage® location near you and speak to one of our storage experts. We can walk you through the options we have available and help you pick the perfect unit!

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