Why Climate Control Storage Is the Only Choice for Wood Furniture

August 18, 2021
Photo of the top of a wooden table. It's important to store wooden furniture in a climate-controlled storage unit to prevent warping and damage from extreme weather conditions.

Do you need to keep some wooden furniture in your storage unit? Before you sign on the dotted line for a non-climate-controlled unit, you need to think again. Climate control is the best choice, and we need you to know why!

What Weather Does to Wood

Everyone knows that temperature changes and weather conditions will vary wildly depending on the season. This is especially true here in Arkansas, where you can experience cold, freezing conditions in winter and hot, humid conditions in summer.

These drastic shifts can cause extreme damage to wooden furniture if you leave your pieces exposed to the elements in an outdoor storage unit for a prolonged period of time.

How? Well, as the humidity levels outside interact with the varying changes in temperature, your wood furniture will expand and contract accordingly. When wood becomes cold, it dries out and contracts. When wood is exposed to heat, it will expand and take in more moisture.

As the wood continues to expand and contract, it can cause detrimental effects to the joints of your furniture, causing the piece to weaken and break. It can also cause cracking, molding, and discoloration to the surface. Do you want that to happen?

How to Prevent Wood Damage

Wouldn’t you feel safer knowing your wood furniture was being stored at a consistent temperature? A temperature that was controlled by a secure storage facility that you could trust?

You need to rent a climate-controlled storage unit! It’s the best and only choice you can make to help prevent damage to your beautiful wooden furniture while it’s in storage.

Each unit in our climate-controlled storage buildings is heated and cooled between 55- and 85-degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the season. The buildings are also secured by access-controlled interior hallways, promoting less surface dust and more protection from pests, too.

How to Select the Perfect Storage Unit

If you decide that you want to rent a climate-controlled storage unit, we offer a variety of unit sizes to fit your needs at Modern Storage® locations across Arkansas. We even have a storage calculator right here on our website to help you visualize each one!

Small Storage Units

The smallest unit size you can use to store furniture is a 5x5 unit, which is perfect for a few small pieces of furniture like nightstands or side tables.

Medium Storage Units

For a full bedroom set of furniture, we can offer 5x10 units and 5x15 units. But if you are needing to store multiple rooms’ worth of furniture, we would suggest either a 10x10, 10x15 or 10x20 storage unit.

Large Storage Units

The largest climate-controlled unit we have to offer is a 10x30, which is enough space to fit an entire house full of wooden furniture.

The best part? Renting your unit is super simple. Just select the one you want on our website, fill out the application, and show up to move in!

If you have any questions, contact a Modern Storage® location near you and speak to one of our storage experts. We are ready to help you store in style!

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