Security features


secure storage units in Little Rock


The safety and security of your belongings is our top concern at Modern Storage®. For this reason, we prioritize providing unrivaled secure storage options in the Little Rock metro area.

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Each Modern Storage® facility is monitored 24-hours a day by security cameras. We have views of every entrance and exit so our staff can always see who is coming and going. In the slight chance that an incident was to occur, we also record this surveillance and can review our records when needed.

Security Gates

Every entrance and exit at our facilities is gated. Plus, the perimeter of each facility is properly fenced. Only customers with a valid, unique gate code can enter and exit through these gates. You can feel safe knowing there is no way that any unauthorized individuals will be near your storage unit at any time.

Tenant Insurance

While tenant insurance is not required for customers at Modern Storage®, it is recommended. We offer affordable insurance options for all storage units, so contact us if you would like more information. We know it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Door Locks

If you do not have your own, we can provide you with a storage unit lock for a small fee. Our locks are strong, sturdy, and easy-to-set-up when you move into your unit.


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