Packing and Moving Supplies

Packing & Moving Supplies
Modern Storage® has tons of moving supplies like boxes, tape, bubble wrap, mattress covers, and more available for purchase. If you are in the Little Rock area, we have what you need! We know moving is stressful and we like to offer products and services that help make it easier. Even if you have a last-minute need for moving supplies, we can take care of you at any of our self-storage locations.


Moving Box Sizes

Our boxes are sturdy and made specifically for moving and storing. We offer a wide variety of moving box sizes to accommodate all kinds of items:

  • Small Boxes – 12x12x16 – use for books, glasses, and dishes
  • Medium Boxes – 18x18x16 – use for pots, pans, and small appliances
  • Large Boxes – 18x18x24 – use for bedding, pillows, and towels
  • Extra Large Boxes – 24x24x18 – use for lamps, décor, and other bulkier items

Extra Moving Supplies

You can never have too much tape or bubble wrap! Our moving supplies are strong, so you can trust that your sturdy boxes will not open if used properly. We even have mattress covers to protect your mattress from dust and debris during the moving and storing process.
Storage Unit Locks

Security and protection are two of the most important factors on most storage renters’ minds. Don’t worry – we have storage unit locks for you at every location at a minimum cost. What’s more, at our West Little Rock storage location, every storage unit door is equipped with a monitored alarm. Talk about modern!
Moving Supplies Buyback Program

We also have a moving box buyback program. If you buy extra boxes for your move and don’t use them, we welcome you to return them for a refund.

Not sure which moving supplies to get? Our Modern Storage® employees are the experts! Ask them for help deciding how many boxes you can fit in your storage unit or how much tape you need to buy to secure them.