Climate Control Storage



What is the difference between climate control storage and non-climate storage?


Climate control storage units are temperature-controlled. Each unit is heated and cooled between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. For states like Arkansas, where humidity levels and temperatures change often, climate-controlled storage units are the ideal solution. It’s the extra level of protection that is worth every penny here in the Little Rock area.


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Climate Control Storage Prices


Across Modern Storage® locations, we have a variety of climate-controlled storage unit options:


  • At Modern Storage Bentonville, a 4x4 climate-controlled storage locker starts at $45 a month. Our largest climate-controlled storage option is a 10x35 unit at $310 per month.
  • At Modern Storage West Little Rock, prices start at $38 per month for a 4x4 storage locker. The largest climate-controlled storage unit option is a 10x30 unit starting at $345 per month.
  • At Modern Storage Maumelle Boulevard, you can find a 5x10 unit size starting at $87 per month. Your climate control options at this location go up to a 10x20 size starting at $182 per month.


All our climate control units are enclosed in air-conditioned storage buildings with access-controlled interior hallways, so you will have less surface dust and more protection from potential pests. Because they reduce the risk of so much potential damage, climate control units are 100% worth the price over the average self-storage unit.


What to Store in a Climate Control Storage Unit


To us, all your belongings are valuable. But we particularly recommend renting a climate control unit for the following types of valuables:


  • Electronics – Computers, Televisions, Cameras
  • Collectibles – Artwork and Sculptures, Family Heirlooms, Records
  • Materials – Furniture and Décor made from Leather, Metal, Wood, Plastic, Glass, and Fabric


Ready to get your possessions out of the elements and into the best climate control storage units in Arkansas? Contact the team at a Modern Storage® near you. If you’re not sure what size storage unit you need, we can help you select the best option. We accommodate all customers with any lease term – month-to-month, short-term, or long-term!


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