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July 13th, 2021


Hobbies enrich our lives, but they can also wreak havoc on our homes. Whether you’re a shutterbug or a water bug, you need a place to store all your stuff and practice your favorite pastime.

Hobby storage allows you to declutter your home or office while making the most of your free time. Are you ready to star storing now? We have information to help you make the right decision for any one of these five fun hobbies.

1. Photography

If you dabble in digital photography or have fun with traditional film, renting a storage unit can help protect and organize all your equipment.

We know external hard drives, tripods, lenses, and all your other gear costs a pretty penny. So, keep it safe from theft and out of the elements by placing everything in climate-controlled storage unit.

We have plenty of size options for climate control, from a 4x4 storage locker to a 10x30 storage unit.

2. Outdoor Adventures

Fishing, kayaking, hiking, camping, canoeing…whatever your favorites outdoor hobbies are, we have the perfect space to store your stuff.Stash your rods, reels, kayaks, canoes, tents, and other essentials in a Modern Storage® location near your home or office so you can easily grab what you need on your way out for the weekend.Trust us: you will appreciate having an off-site space to store all the gear that’s taking over your garage.

3. Crafts

Whether you need a nearby place to get crafty or want to keep clutter at bay in your home, consider renting a storage unit to organize all your crafting supplies.

In addition to scrapbooks, stickers, fabric, and foam, your crafting hobbies may even require room for cutting, sewing, or quilting machines. When you rent a storage unit nearby, you can even install a workspace to craft your creations!

Whatever your craft of choice, a hobby storage unit keeps your tools of the trade safe and ready for your next project.

4. Cars

Are you restoring a classic car that is taking up too much room in your garage or driveway? You need a better space to make it happen.

With security features like around-the-clock video surveillance, site-wide lighting, fully-fenced facilities, and controlled-access gates, Modern Storage® provides auto enthusiasts like you with a high level of protection for your most valuable investments and a safe place to work on them any time you like.

With our drive-up access units, you can just pull your car in, park it, and lock it. Good to go!

5. Collectibles

Avid collectors know there is no limit to their hobby. As you collect more and more mementos, they need a place to go. Do you have the space you need to keep your hobby going in your home?

From coins and cards to music and memorabilia, your collection can stay safe and organized in a secure storage unit. Just make sure you get a climate-controlled storage space to keep your collection cool and dry.

Have any questions about storage for your hobbies? Give one of our storage experts a call and we can help you select the perfect storage unit now!

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