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July 13th, 2021


Rain can be a dangerous and annoying delay to the moving process. Not only can your clothing, linens, and furniture get wet and grow mold, but you could risk it all for nothing and hurt yourself.

With so many things that can possibly go wrong, we want to help you do it right. Check out these rainy day moving tips and prepare yourself for what lies ahead.

#1: Keep the Floor Dry

Slipping while carrying heavy items like appliances, furniture, or mattresses can lead to serious injury. Our first rainy day moving tip is to use towels or dry mops to keep the pathway dry from the moving truck to your storage unit.

#2: Pack With Plastic

Plastic boxes do a much better job of protecting your valuables than cardboard can. When cardboard boxes get wet, they are prone to collapsing! Plus, packing in plastic you can save the expense of not having to use packing tape.

Purchase some plastic storage containers to guarantee your items stay dry, and there is no threat of your items falling through.

#3: Wear the Right Shoes

Slip-resistant shoes make a rainy moving day much safer. You never know when you might run into a wet spot, so it is always good to take every precaution when moving in the rain.

Slip-resistant, high-top boots with rubber soles are probably your best bet for preventing falls and keeping your feet dry.

#4: Use Our Free Carts

At every Modern Storage® location, we have complimentary moving carts you can use to transit your items while moving into your storage unit. Because they are wide enough to fit couches or tables, it can quicken the process of moving heavier items.

Feel free to use the carts to prevent getting drenched while moving in the rain!

#5: Cancel If Necessary

A light rain isn’t a big threat on moving day, but a big thunderstorm is. Sometimes, it is just not worth all the risk involved in moving on a really rainy day.

If you made a reservation to use our free moving truck on your move-in day, we offer no-risk cancellations. There are just too many things that can potentially go wrong when moving during a rainy day!We will gladly reschedule with you if the forecast that day calls for risky rainy weather.Don’t worry about losing money on your unit reservation, either. We always prorate your first month’s rent to your move-in day, so we will not charge you until you actually move in.For more rainy day moving tips and advice, please do not hesitate to contact our staff. Just find a Modern Storage® location near you and give us a call!

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