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July 13th, 2021


When it comes time to search for a storage unit, do you know where to start? Finding a storage unit in Little Rock can take you in so many different directions.

But there are five resources out there we always recommend if you want to find an affordable, trustworthy, and secure storage facility near you.

#1: Google Search

The first resource we recommend is a Google search. It’s America’s most used search engine, so it’s going to give you the most results.

For example, if you search for “Little Rock storage units,” you should see local storage facilities like Modern Storage pop up.

From there, you can click to view each website, compare prices, read reviews, and more. Our website even has a storage calculator to give a visual of what you can store in each unit size.

Another tool you can use in Google is Google Maps.

If you search for “Modern Storage” in Google Maps, all our locations should also pop up. You should see addresses, phone numbers, and hours for each one.

While you’re there, check out the Google reviews from our happy customers. We go above and beyond with our customer service to ensure that your needs are always met.

Between our three facilities, we have over 400 reviews!

#2: Facebook

Another resource you can use is Facebook.

Just like in Google, you can search for local storage facilities in Little Rock and open their profiles to read more about each option.

Hours, services, contact information, and reviews should be available for you there as well.

Facebook even has a handy feature allowing you to make a post asking for recommendations from your friends.

Say something like, “I need help finding a storage unit in Little Rock. Send me your recommendations!” As your friends comment with their favorite storage facilities, Facebook should automatically link their comment to that facility’s Facebook page.

Want to see what our Facebook page looks like? Go check it out and Like us!

We post frequently so you always know what is going on between our three locations. Follow us to see specials, blogs, videos, pictures, and more.

We are also known for doing fun giveaways. Stay tuned because one day you could win an awesome prize!

#3: SpareFoot

SpareFoot is the leading resource for finding a storage unit in Little Rock, as it is a search engine solely dedicated to showing listings for storage facilities and moving companies.

Just type in your Little Rock zip code and all your options will pop up so you can compare prices.

Luckily, when you store with Modern Storage, we also provide a FREE 15-foot box truck to help with your move. It helps you kill two birds with one stone between moving and storing!

#4: Family and Friends

If you need help finding a storage unit in Little Rock, just ask your friends, relatives, and co-workers for their recommendations. They can tell you about their first-hand experience, give you advice, and tell you what to look for.

Word of mouth is the oldest and purest form of networking. We recommend you use the network you already have when doing your local research.

Ask around and you will quickly find that Modern Storage is the best in town!

#5: Drive Around

If location is important to you, a great way to find a local storage unit is to start driving around and seeing what’s near you.

Whether you want to store near your home, office, or future home, there should be a storage facility nearby you can visit.

If you’re looking for a storage unit near Chenal Parkway, West Markham Street, or Maumelle Boulevard, you should visit our facilities!

We are happy to give tours any time so you can find the storage unit that meets your needs.

  • Our Modern Storage West Little Rock location is on 601 Autumn Rd in Little Rock. We are right off Chenal Parkway behind Barnes & Noble and Purple Cow. Call now at 501.812.6500.
  • Our Modern Storage World location is at 8500 Cunningham Lake Rd in Little Rock. We are right off West Markham Street, behind Kroger and Red Lobster. Call now at 501.224.3370.
  • Our Modern Storage Maumelle Boulevard location is on 9800 Maumelle Boulevard in North Little Rock. We are right next to Metro Appliances across from the Kum & Go. Call now at 501.791.0080.

Call today and we can prorate your move in to the exact day you need for your move or spring cleaning!

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