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July 13th, 2021


Never thought you would need a storage unit? Is the fact that you’re reading this right now blowing your mind? Well, everyone at Modern Storage is glad you’re here!

Our services are there in the craziest times of need for so many people. Moving, downsizing, renovating, growing…so many stages in your life call for somebody (or something) to step in and save you.

If you suddenly need a place to store some stuff, no matter the reason, we are here ready to help you!

Now, let’s see if any of these apply to you…

1. Moving

Regardless of whether you’re moving out of state or just across town, moving is chaotic and stressful.

That’s we have a free moving truck at every Modern Storage location! If you’re in a bind, feel free to use one of our trucks to move into your new storage unit.

In any case, renting a storage unit at a Modern Storage location near you can be a lifesaver for so many moving mishaps:

  • Downsizing. If you’re moving into a smaller home, you probably won’t have a place for all your stuff in your new space. You may not even be ready to decide what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of permanently. So, put your excess, nonessential stuff into a storage unit and sort through it all once your move is over.
  • Closing date pushed back. If you need to move out of your current home before your new home is ready, a storage unit is going to be a lifesaver. Nobody wants to have to move twice, but at least you know your stuff will be kept safe in the meantime.
  • A job with no permanent residence. If you travel a lot for work, move overseas, or are in the military, call Modern Storage. We can help you pick out a storage unit that will keep your stuff safe at home while you venture all over the world. Plus, we have a military discount!

2. Decluttering

Maybe you aren’t moving, but you are trying to declutter your home or office. Modern Storage to the rescue!

Rent a storage unit for a few months while you make your way through the decluttering process. If you have a crazy schedule and need all-hours access to your storage unit, it’s only $10 more a month.

3. Home Renovating

So, you’re not moving or decluttering. You’re renovating, right?

While you deal with demo and design, keep all your stuff safe in a storage unit! You’re going to need the extra space, trust us.

4. Seasons Changing

When winter comes, do you need have a place to store your RV, boat, motorcycle, or ATV?

All these types of vehicles and more can easily be stored at a self-storage facility like Modern Storage.

We know not everyone has a large driveway or garage to keep their favorite toys, so storage units act as an easy alternative.

Easy in, easy out!

5. Summer Vacationing

Are you a college student, or a parent of a college student? We bet you are wondering what to do with all that stuff during summer break.

Don’t cart a dorm room full of stuff back home! Give Modern Storage a call and put everything into a small storage unit or storage locker, instead.

6.  Business Operating

Many small business owners rent storage units as an affordable way to keep track of inventory, supplies, and more outside of the office.

You may find value in renting a storage unit if you are a…

  • Carpenter or contractor.
  • Retail shop owner.
  • Restaurant owner.
  • Sale or service professional.

Technically, you could even operate your business out of our West Little Rock location! We have a business center, conference room, package acceptance program, and Starbucks coffee bar you can use anytime our office is open.

7. Life Transitioning

When a loved one passes away, going through their belongings is quite an overwhelming undertaking.

Sometimes, there’s a big push to get their home emptied so it can be sold or rented. When you aren’t ready to get rid of anything, what are you supposed to do with all that stuff?

If you are dealing with a loss, give yourself the time you need to do it on your own terms. Just put everything into storage for a while and go through it when you’re ready.

It’s Time to Call Modern Storage

Whatever it is you need to store, Modern Storage is ready to help make your experience as easy and affordable as possible.

Modern Storage understands that not everyone has the same storage needs. From outdoor, drive-up access storage units to indoor, climate-controlled storage units, we provide a broad range of storage options at all three locations in the Little Rock metro area.

We're simply the best storage units in Little Rock, so give us a call!

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