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February 6th, 2022


Do you have treasure troves of old photographs cluttering your attic, drawers, cabinets, or closets? Are they getting dusty and completely unorganized? The experts here at Modern
Storage® are here to offer you our best tips to solve your storage problems!
Discover how you can get organized, protect your pictures from damage, and store them safely for years to come.

#1: Get Organized

Start by creating a system that works best for you to organize your photo collection. Perhaps you want to arrange your albums in chronological order, or group them by the persons pictured or the major events in your family’s lives.

#2: Label Everything

Once you get your photos organized, label each one with a date, location, and event, plus the names of the people pictured.

#3: Digitize Your Collection

Just in case disaster strikes and ruins your physical collection of photos, it’s always smart to digitize your photos as soon as possible.Scan your photos and save them into a cloud storage service or onto an external hard drive. This will make it much easier to share and distribute all your prized memories with family and friends!

#4: Cover Them Carefully

To cover your photo collection and help prevent damage while moving or handling, we recommend you purchase acid free packing materials, plastic sleeves, or binders.If you need a less expensive alternative, you can use plastic bags or explore options recommended by Amazon or The Spruce.

#5: Contain Them Carefully

After your photos are fully covered, you need to contain them in an airtight bin. It’s best to avoid paper boxes, as they can absorb moisture more easily!

#6: Get Climate Controlled

If storing your old photo collection is no longer serving you and your family best, we cannot recommend renting a climate-controlled storage unit more highly.
Choosing a climate-controlled unit will help ensure that your photos will not be exposed to extreme heat and humidity during the sweltering Arkansas summers, keeping your photo prints safe from damage.
At Modern Storage® locations across Arkansas, we have several climate-controlled unit sizes you can choose from, starting with a 4x4 storage locker or 5x5 storage unit. Both options are comparable to the size of a common home closet, which would be ideal for stacking your photo boxes safely.
Ready to reserve your spot now? Contact a Modern Storage® location near you to book over the phone in just 5 minutes!

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