Self Storage

August 29th, 2021

What do you need to do to prepare for fall? What do you do with your grill during winter? Where should you store your patio furniture?

These are some common questions we hear when the weather takes a turn in a cooler direction every fall. But don’t worry! The experts here at Modern Storage have the answers you need.

Whether you’re putting away pool supplies, storing seasonal clothing, or stowing away unused equipment, our self-storage tips and tricks can make your storage experience a successful one this season.


  1. Mold and mildew can and will grow on any damp equipment you leave in storage. Towel dry everything by hand or let it all air dry for a few days before packing and placing in storage.
  2. We highly recommend you clean your pool equipment, too. Use vinegar to easily remove dirt and bleach to scrub set-in stains.
  3. Store pool chemicals in a cool place, on a shelf, and in clearly marked containers.
  4. Do not stack pool chemicals on top of one another, as that may cause the plastic to become brittle and crack.


  1. It helps to start by minimizing the amount of clothing that goes into storage. Obviously, all your shorts, swimsuits, and tank tops can be stored away. But if you have not worn something in a few seasons, consider donating it instead.
  2. Launder and fold every item of clothing you plan to store.
  3. Use plastic bins and vacuum-sealed bags over cardboard boxes or plastic bags to pack everything up. These are the best containers for storing clothing!
  4. Mark each container with a label or marker detailing what is inside.
  5. Place your clothing bins along the perimeter of your storage space—instead of cluttering them in the middle—for easier access.


  1. Remove the spark plugs and battery.
  2. Place the battery on a tender.
  3. Drain the gas tank and keep the flammable liquid elsewhere.
  4. Clean off any debris, both on top and under the deck.
  5. Sharpen the mower blades.
  6. Fill other fluids to the top.


  1. For optimal organization, use large barrels for storing rakes and shovels.
  2. Sand down wooden handles and give them a new layer of paint or polish if necessary.
  3. Sharpen and clean the edges of shovels, blades, and other tools used to trim the yard.


  1. Clean your grill after each cookout to remove food and prevent animal scavengers in your storage space.
  2. The same goes for any utensils, drip pans, and accessory appliances. Anything that has touched food needs to be thoroughly cleaned before going in storage.
  3. If you plan to take out and use your grill during fall or winter (Hello, tailgating season!), leave the grill front and center in your storage space so it is easily accessible.
  4. Rust can be an issue with fluctuating temperatures. To avoid damage to your grill’s metal grate while in storage, brush it with a light layer of oil.

Don’t have enough space to store all your seasonal stuff? Rent a storage unit with us!

Our climate-controlled storage units can better protect your items from cold weather and freezing conditions. We even offer a FREE moving truck to get all your stuff here!

Find a Modern Storage location near you and give us a call today for help with your seasonal storage needs.

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