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July 21st, 2021


At Modern Storage®, we dedicate the time it takes to offer a clean storage environment for our customers, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic. We pick up around parking lots, sweep and mop hallways, treat for pests, and more to reduce the risk of germs, bugs and other pesky intruders from infiltrating our storage facilities.

But while we do everything to keep the storage facility clean, it’s up to you to keep your storage unit clean!

Whether you’re about to move into your first storage unit or need some tips on getting your storage unit re-organized, our experts are here to help. The following tried-and-true methods are exactly what you need to follow to get your storage unit clean and keep it that way more years to come.

#1: Plan Ahead

Have a packed storage unit, or one you haven’t visited in years? You likely have two areas to address: clutter and dust.

Don’t get overwhelmed! The best way to get your storage unit clean is come up with a game plan:

  • Establish goals – Look around and take stock of what needs to be done.
  • Make a schedule – Estimate how many hours or days you will need to organize and clean and create a schedule for success.
  • Enlist help – This could be a job for more than one person, and that’s okay! Talk to a spouse, partner, friend, or family member about working alongside you to make the process more fun and less daunting.
  • Give yourself grace – If you’re cleaning out personal or sentimental items, keep in mind this can be an emotional process. Give yourself some time and grace to get it done at your own pace.

#2: Document Everything

Another great tip for getting your storage unit cleaned and organized is to start documenting everything.Visit your storage unit and account of every box, item, etc. you have stored there. Create an inventory list with a notepad and pen or a note on your phone.This list will help you get a better idea of what needs cleaning and may even make you realize you have items you are ready to part with.

#3: Keep, Trash, Donate, or Sell

Have you heard of the KonMari method of organization? It’s time to ask yourself if all the items you have in storage spark joy in your heart. If not, it’s time to let them go!

Whether you’re at home packing up for a big move, or going through the items in your storage unit, the decluttering process begins by realizing what you really want and need in your space.

Examine each item on your inventory list and take a moment to determine if it should go in one of three piles: the keep pile, the trash pile, or the pile to give away or sell.

Ask yourself these questions to decide which pile to place your belongings in:

  • Keep – Do you need this item? Does it have high sentimental value? Keep it.
  • Trash pile – Is this item broken, unsalvageable, or otherwise useless? Trash or recycle it.
  • Giveaway or sell – Could someone else use this item? Is it valuable, but not something worth keeping anymore? Consider blessing someone else with the item or make some money by selling it.

4. Reorganize & Reinvigorate  

Now, are you ready to reorganize? Take these steps to give your storage unit a fresh look and feel:

  • If you have shelves in your storage unit, now would be the time to dust them off with a towel or microfiber cloth. Go ahead and wipe everything down with a sanitation wipe, too!
  • If you’re using cardboard boxes, consider replacing them with plastic totes. They protect your items better from dust and debris, and they are much harder for pests to invade!
  • Stock your storage unit with a small stash of cleaning supplies. Then, schedule yourself a time every month to stop by and wipe down your items!

Have any questions? Find a near you and give us a call!

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