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February 10th, 2022


For most, renting a storage unit in the right size is all you need to save space and clear up clutter. You move your belongings in, lock the door, and leave. But not every storage problem has a cut-and-dry solution!
The team of experts here at Modern Storage® are used to solving all kinds of unique storage issues for our customers. Organization problems, seasonal storage issues, clothing conservation conundrums…we have all kinds of tips to help fix your afflictions.
Three problems in particular may be exactly what you’re experiencing, so let us help! Here are three creative solutions we came up with for three unique storage needs.

#1: Double Up on Storage Units

If you are relocating or remodeling, you will have an entire household’s worth of belongings to store. So, what do you do when our facilities are fresh out of our largest storage unit sizes? You double up!
For example: try renting two 10x10s if a 10x20 would fit your stuff perfectly. Then, you can have two 10x10s right next to each other and organize your belongings accordingly. Problem solved!

#2: Park Outside the Garage

Running out of space in your garage to store your classic car, off-roading vehicle, or work truck? Leaving it parked in the driveway, on the street, or in your yard is just not going to work.
If you visit a Modern Storage® location that has open parking spaces available, rent one! They are very affordable and rarely available!
Otherwise, you can go for a vehicle storage unit like a 10x15 or 10x20 that allows you to pull up and park inside. These units are similar in size to a one-car garage, which is great because you can lock them up and secure your vehicle even more safely. Problem solved!

#3: Bring Your Business Elsewhere

Entrepreneurs and small business owners know how hard it is to grow a company from the ground up.
Operationally, you have so many factors to consider from your manufacturing to warehousing to distributing. These costs add up quickly, and sometimes it doesn’t make financial sense to have office space or even a physical storefront location.

Here is where partnering with Modern Storage® can save the day:
  • Rent a storage unit to stockpile products, store equipment, or file records.
  • Consult clients and train employees in our conference room.
  • Print contracts in our business center.
  • Caffeinate yourself at our Starbucks Java Bar.

At all Modern Storage® locations, we even offer complimentary package acceptance so you never miss an important delivery.
Problem solved!

As you can see, our team is accustomed to finding unique ways to service every customer’s storage needs. If you are experiencing a stressful storage issue, we welcome the challenge to create a solution!
Contact a Modern Storage® location near you now to start storing in style.

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