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July 13th, 2021


Packing and moving are some of the most stressful things to do, and it involves making some intense decisions. So, we at Modern Storage want to provide you with the best tools to make the best storage unit choice for you.

There’s a reason why certain storage unit sizes are the most popular. They’re big enough to fit the things most people need to store!

But, we’re here to breaking down exactly what can fit in each of our most popular storage unit sizes and leave you with the knowledge you need to decide which size is right for you.

5x5 Storage Units

When the bulk of what you need to store involves a few boxes, a 5x5 storage unit can be very useful. Small chairs or a small desk could fit in a 5x5 as well.

These smaller, closet-sized storage units are not only the most affordable storage option we have, but they are ideal if your storage need isn’t that big.

If you are decluttering your home or office by boxing up and moving out a few items, go with a 5x5 storage unit.

5x10 Storage Units

This storage unit size is very popular at our Little Rock storage facilities, mostly due to its capacity to store items such as mattresses, larger desks, and chairs in addition to boxes or small storage containers.While they aren’t quite big enough to store the full contents of a bedroom, they are fantastic for consolidating and storing items you might not need to use every day.

10x10 Storage Units

If you live by yourself or in a small, one-bedroom apartment, a 10x10 storage unit is probably perfect for you.With enough space to store your bedroom and living room furniture, plus some boxes, this is perfect for someone who needs to store some essential belongings.

10x15 Storage Units

Our 10x15 storage units are big enough to store common items found in a one-to-two-bedroom house or apartment.We often recommend this popular storage unit size for customers who are moving from smaller starter homes. Your bedroom furniture, dining room set, living room furniture, some electronics, and some boxes will all fit when organized properly.

10x20 Storage Units

A 10x20 storage unit is very similar in size to a one-car garage. Just think…if your stuff could fit in your garage, then it will fit a 10x20 storage unit!While we have many customers who store a vehicle in a 10x20 storage unit, the space is also big enough to store several mattress sets, kitchen appliances, your dining room and living room furniture, and more.

10x30 Storage Units

A 10x30 storage unit is big enough to hold the contents of a larger house, consisting of three or four bedrooms worth of belongings.If you’re part of a busy family with a crazy schedule and need to store quite a bit of stuff, this is the storage unit size you should consider most.

Another Factor to Consider

Before you settle on a storage unit size, consider getting a climate-controlled storage unit to protect your most valuable items. Electronics, artwork, antiques, heirlooms, and more call for a more temperature-controlled environment while in storage.Not all our most popular storage unit sizes come with climate control, so just ask a member our staff for assistance while you’re browsing our availability.

Need Something Bigger?

If you’re wondering, “Do they have anything bigger? I have a lot of stuff!” The answer to that is, “Yes!”Our smaller storage units tend to be most popular, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have larger storage units available, too. Find the Modern Storage location nearest you and ask about a 12x25 or 12x30 unit if you think one of our most popular sizes is too small.Between our three locations in the Little Rock metro area, we can help you select the perfect storage unit. You can even take our online storage unit calculator out for a spin to see what size unit is right for you today!

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