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February 8th, 2022



Space. Are you thinking life would be dandy “If only I had a little more space?” We could all use more space in our lives, and sometimes that involves decluttering and rearranging your closet, garage, attic, or spare room. 
As Summer fades into Fall, now is such the perfect time to make more space in your home. Whether you switch out your seasonal wardrobes, seasonal décor, and seasonal equipment, or just free up new space for new stuff, maximizing the space in your home doesn’t have be a task that stresses you out. Let a storage unit save the day!
At Modern Storage® locations across Arkansas, we offer several unit sizes that could help you save space in the smallest closets or largest garages.

Wardrobe Storage

Say goodbye to those tank tops, flip flops, and swimsuits and hello to your sweaters, boots, and jackets! Fall is almost here, so you need to switch out your seasonal wardrobe.
A 5x5 or 5x10 storage unit is about the size of an average home closet. By renting one year-round, you can use your storage unit as extra “closet space” to store the clothes you aren’t wearing this season.
This also gives you the opportunity to revisit your wardrobe every season and kick out any clutter before you bring anything back home. If there are items in your wardrobe you don’t want to keep anymore, just donate them to a good cause!

Décor Storage

Now is also a great time to sort through your Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations. The holidays will be here before you know it!
Go ahead and reclaim space in your attic by moving your unused or out-of-season decorations into a storage unit. Depending on how much décor you need to store, a 5x5, 5x10, or 10x10 would work perfectly.

Vehicle Storage

That bike you used for all your outdoor adventures or the classic convertible you drove with the top down this summer don’t have to take up precious space in your garage anymore. Wouldn’t you rather your vehicles be kept in a secure, separate space?
A 5x5 or 5x10 storage unit would give you more space and security for any bicycles, ATVs, lawnmowers, and more. Your daughter’s toy car could also fit right along, too!
But for bigger cars, trucks, and trailers, we have 10x20 and 10x25 units with drive-up access you could easily back into.


Are you ready to start saving space? We have the perfect high-security storage solutions for you here at Modern Storage®!
Our offerings include both climate-controlled storage and non-climate-controlled storage. We recommend using climate-controlled spaces for storing seasonal clothing or decorations. But non-climate-controlled options are adequate for vehicles and equipment that are not a susceptible to damage from seasonal weather changes.
At this point, you may be wondering about the cost of renting a storage unit. Here at Modern Storage, right now we have several unit sizes available at affordable price points:
  • 5x5 non-climate starting at $45
  • 5x10 non-climate starting at $49
  • 10x10 non-climate starting at $79
  • 10x15 non-climate starting at $119
  • 10x20 non-climate starting at $129
  • 10x25 non-climate starting at $164
Not only do we have the space you need, but we also have the supplies you may need to pack up your items and get your space back!
Each Modern Storage® location is stocked with moving supplies like boxes, tape, and plastic wraps available for purchase.On top of that, our facilities are monitored 24/7 by security cameras and protected 24/7 by access-controlled security gates.
What’s more, obtaining your new storage space is much easier than you think. You can rent a unit right here on our website, set up auto pay, and move right in. We even offer a FREE moving truck!
If you have any questions, contact a Modern Storage® location near you and speak to one of our storage experts. We are ready to help you store in style!

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