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July 13th, 2021


Is your workplace chaotic and overflowing? Are you out of places to put everything? Is your boss avoiding finding a solution? Well look no further, Modern Storage is here to help you convince your boss to finally get a business storage unit!

All you need to do is deliver any one of these pitches to your boss, because we’ve got tons of supporting evidence to make your case.

#1: “We need to declutter.”

Every workplace has this problem. Extra pieces of furniture, décor, supplies, paperwork, etc. take up more space than the employees!

Tell your boss how distracting and unprofessional the clutter has become. You will work more efficiently, and be able to host customers and guests, once the clutter is cleared out.

Is your boss still pushing back, saying you shouldn’t be worrying yourself with it? Or saying your team doesn’t have time in your busy schedule to deal with the junk?

If your business needs it, your boss should know our gates are open 7 days a week at every Modern Storage location. You could even offer to help on a late night or weekend if it means you can do your job better!

Check this out: We also offer 24-hour access beyond our standard 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM hours for just $10 a month.

#2: “It’s a small expense.”

Storage units are relatively inexpensive for business owners once you compare it to all the other expenses the company takes on.

If your boss doesn’t seem convinced, just show them this data: companies across the country are losing millions because their employees are distracted by noise, crowded office spaces, and other employees.

A Udemy for Business study found that 54% of the people surveys felt they weren’t performing as well as they should, with 50% saying they’re significantly less productive because of workplace distractions.

At Modern Storage, have climate-controlled 4x4 business storage units as low as $45 a month for anyone who needs just a little extra space. 10x10 and 10x20 business storage units can fit several offices worth of overflow.

If you move into your unit before the 25th day on the month, we will always prorate your rent, too!

#3: “We need a better place to park that work truck.”

Does your business utilize a car, truck, or van? Do you have a small fleet you use for deliveries?

An unsecured parking lot, or an employee’s driveway, is not the right place to leave your vehicle in Little Rock.Need help convincing your boss?

In 2017 alone, there were 1,139 motor vehicle thefts in Little Rock. Your chances of being a victim of a property crime here are 1 in 14.

Those are terrible odds, and frankly, your boss cannot afford to risk such an important business asset.

Our West Little Rock location has more than enough secure parking spaces for a car, truck, or van. Our parking lot is video-recorded 24/7 for your peace of mind. You cannot enter the lot without being a paying customer and using your unique access code at the security gate.

Would you prefer a covered and locked parking space at a Modern Storage facility? Check out our 10x30 and 12x30 storage unit sizes to see which one will fit your vehicle best.

#4: “We need a secure spot to store inventory.”

Inventory can take up so much space. Where in the heck are you supposed to put a new shipment when your office is already overflowing?

You can’t take precious inventory home, as that’s a significant personal and professional liability. You can’t shove it in already-full closets, as that would be physically impossible. What do you do?

Tell your boss to visit a Modern Storage location near you and we can set you up with multiple units today. We can even try to find storage units next to each other for added convenience.

Safe Storage Units

If your boss is still not convinced that a storage unit is right for your business, let us clarify why Modern Storage is the safest storage facility in Central Arkansas.

No matter the size of the unit, or whether it’s non-climate or climate-controlled, your items will be safe in our gated facilities. We monitor who enters and leaves each facility by which access code they use.

Each facility is also monitored by dozens of 24-hour surveillance cameras. At our West Little Rock location, we have over 60!

What’s more, each storage unit at that location comes with a door alarm. You never have to worry about the safety of your inventory again!

#5: “We need extra room when we move locations.”

Moving is never fun, especially when you’re trying to keep a business running.

Whether you’re downsizing or not, you may have extra chairs, desks, décor, office supplies, and more with no place in the new space.

We have business storage units from a 5x10 starting at $49 to a 10x30 starting at $128 that would work perfectly to solve your problem.

Does your boss seem unconvinced that a storage unit is the right solution?

Tell your boss our lease agreements are always month-to-month. If it only takes you a month or two to move, you only pay for those months.

Again, remind your boss that if you move into your unit before the 25th day on the month, we will always prorate your rent.

Storage Units with Office Space

If you’re going to do some remodeling or have additional “down time” between business locations, you should also consider finding a storage unit with office space.

That’s where Modern Storage West Little Rock becomes the perfect solution. Your boss needs to hear this one!

At our West Little Rock location, we offer our business customers a beautiful conference room, business center, water, coffee, and cookies for FREE.

We invite you to have meetings here, use our computers, and get in your caffeine fix when you need to get away from the chaos of your business in the middle of a move.

PS: If you need to have packages delivered, we will accept them on your behalf and store them right here in your unit for free.

How could your boss say “no” to you now?

Here at Modern Storage, we want nothing but the best for our business customers. No matter what you’ll be storing—whether it’s office supplies, files, products, or more—we will have your back and keep your stuff as safe as possible.

Tell your boss to give us a call and let us set you up with a storage unit today!

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