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July 13th, 2021


What’s unluckier than not having all your storage needs met? Spending so much time, money, energy on the wrong storage solution…. Every Friday the 13th, our expert staff of storage specialists shiver at the thought.

If you end up choosing another self-storage facility or choosing not to store at any self-storage facility, you could be cursing yourself with mountains of bad luck. We don’t want that to happen!

Since today marks yet another Friday the 13th, we’re taking this opportunity to try and save you from an avoidable storage disaster. Here are some of the bad things that can happen on the unluckiest day of the year if you don’t store with Modern Storage.

#1: Moving Mayhem

One of the unluckiest things about moving is trying to find the easiest and most efficient way to get all your items from Point A to Pointe B. You can easily wind up paying hundreds of dollars to expensive moving companies to use their trucks and services. The average cost is $300 for up to two hours of service!

Luckily, if you have a couple of friends that can help you move, Modern Storage offers a FREE 15-box moving truck to new customers for up to four hours of service. 

#2: Boat Blunder

Having a sailboat during summertime in Arkansas is amazing. You can visit your favorite lake, cruise around with a nice breeze blowing across your face and get a wonderful tan.

But when you’re not using your boat, you can end up paying hundreds of dollars per month to leave your boat at a boat slip. By our research, the average cost to dock your boat in a marina is $275 per month. During the off-season, this can become a heavy burden especially since you’re not actually getting to enjoy using your boat.

Luckily at Modern Storage we offer covered and uncovered parking options for boats (and RVs!) at much lower costs. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any natural disasters or creepy criminals damaging your beautiful boat since it will be stored in a gated facility with 24-hour surveillance. We even offer affordable tenant insurance.

#3: Security Snafu

Speaking of security, everyone worries about their items being safe while they utilize a temporary storage solution. But, not here at Modern Storage!

Every Modern Storage facility has perimeter fencing and controlled-access gates only customers can enter and exit through using their unique customer access code. That way, we always keep track of everyone entering and exiting.

Not only that, but we have dozens of 24-hour surveillance cameras located throughout each facility to further protect you and your belongings. Some storage facilities simply don’t offer these security features. Are you starting to feel lucky yet?

#4: Package Peril

Not only are we observing another Friday the 13th, but we’re also right in the middle of holiday season. There is nothing secure about getting presents delivered to your doorstep this time of year. Someone can easily walk up and steal your precious packages!

Fortunately, you will never feel uneasy or unlucky while storing at Modern Storage. We are happy to accept your package deliveries and store them for you until you can pick them up. This service is at no added cost and it is a much safer way to ensure Santa comes on time this year.

#5: Snack Scares

You know what they say: You’re not you when you’re hungry. Moving is exhausting, and most storage facilities do nothing to help you out. How sad! That’s why we focus on surprising and delighting you with tasty snacks and excellent customer service.

Feeling down and need more energy? Store your stuff at our West Little Rock location and you can have some complimentary coffee from our Starbucks machine. We even bake fresh cookies you can snack on. What a lucky score!

Let’s put the curse of Friday the 13th to rest here and now! Get “lucky” and take advantage of all these amazing amenities at any of our three convenient locations. Don’t let these bad things happened to you today. Come see us and we’ll store you away!

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