August 7th, 2023

Modern Storage Bentonville
Effectively utilizing storage units requires maximizing the available space. Whether it's short-term organization during a move or long-term storage, optimizing the space ensures you get the most value from your rental. In this blog, we'll explore smart and innovative ways to make the most of your storage unit at Modern Storage Bentonville, keeping your belongings safe, organized, and easily accessible.

1. Plan and Organize Before Packing:
Maximizing space starts before packing. Plan and organize your belongings, sorting them into categories and creating an inventory list. Identify items for frequent access and those for long-term storage to efficiently pack and arrange your unit.
2. Use Uniform Boxes and Containers:
Optimize space by using uniform-sized boxes and containers. Neatly stack them to maximize vertical space, creating stable towers that prevent items from shifting and reduce the risk of damage.
3. Disassemble Furniture and Appliances:
Free up space by disassembling large furniture and appliances. Keep screws and assembly instructions in labeled bags for easy reassembly when needed.
4. Utilize Vertical Space with Shelving Units:
Increase storage capacity with sturdy shelving units against the walls. This maximizes space and keeps items off the floor, creating a more organized and accessible unit.
5. Opt for Space-Saving Furniture:
Invest in space-saving furniture options, such as sofas with pull-out beds or tables with collapsible sides. These pieces store additional items inside, saving valuable space.
6. Create Aisle Space for Easy Access:
Balance maximizing space with easy access. Leave room between stacks of boxes and furniture to navigate comfortably. Label boxes and maintain a layout map for item location.
7. Vacuum Seal Clothing and Linens:
Compress fluffy items like clothing and linens with vacuum-sealed bags, saving space and protecting them from dust, insects, and humidity.
8. Utilize the Back of the Doors:
Hang lightweight items on the back of doors or unit walls using hooks or adhesive hangers. This frees up floor and shelf space.

Careful planning, strategic packing, and efficient use of space are key to maximizing your storage unit at Modern Storage Bentonville. Follow these tips for an organized and accessible unit, providing peace of mind that your belongings are secure until needed. At Modern Storage Bentonville, we offer storage professionals to assist you in choosing the right unit. With no-hassle pricing and month-to-month leasing, reserve or rent your storage unit today!

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