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July 13th, 2021


There’s a few different kinds of storage customers out there: the set-it-and-forget-it types, the just-get-this-stuff-out-of-the-house types, the “I’m going to get organized!” types…you can picture them, right?

Since you’re reading this, we’re willing to bet you’re the type that has a lot of stuff, wants to keep all of it, but has no place to put it. So, you’re reserving a storage unit. Great idea!

If you’re the type that needs to access your unit frequently, though, it helps to get organized from the get-go. Trust us, you will avoid a lot of headaches.

Our storage experts know the right storage unit size to fit your belongings and have great tips for helping you get the most out of your storage experience. Here are some storage unit organization ideas to get you started!

#1: Pick the Right Boxes

Pick one box size for most, if not all, your items. You may think it is easier to just buy big boxes and fill them up. The problem that can happen there is the box becomes too heavy to move once it's full and may not hold up well at the bottom.

Same-size boxes help with stacking, organizing, and accessing. Our Modern Storage-branded small and medium-size boxes are perfect for this. Just stop by any Modern Storage location to purchase some!

#2: Think Ahead

Before you start packing, identify the items you may need to access while they’re in storage. That way, while you are packing everything up, you can carefully put like items together.

Just think: Some things you likely won’t need anytime soon, and others you will probably come by to grab more regularly.

For example, here are a few items you may need to retrieve from your storage unit:

  • Seasonal clothing (bathing suits, winter coats, etc.)
  • Vacation supplies (kayaks, sleeping bags, etc.)
  • Holiday items (costumes, decorations, etc.)
  • Tools and hobby supplies
  • Office documents

#3: Label Each Box

Labeling each box correctly will save you a ton of time looking through boxes later. And, it helps you stay organized!

Once you pack all your stuff in a box, assign a number to each box and label it with that number. Then, write a detailed description of what’s in the box on the top and sides.

#4: Create a Master List

Since you already numbered each box and wrote the contents on them, putting all this information on a master list should be easy. This will be key to finding specific items that we will be looking for later fast.

It may seem cumbersome, but this is one of our most helpful storage unit organization ideas. To make it easier, you could even dictate your list into a note on your phone. You’ll always have it on-hand and ready to pull up in seconds!

Are you planning on storing at our West Little Rock location? To take it one step further, you could print out your list in the business center in the front office and leave the list in your storage unit. This way, you can send a family member or friend to your storage unit and help them retrieve your belongings with ease.

#5: Plan a Layered Layout

Remember how we recommended you think ahead? If not, go back and read storage unit organization idea #2!

If you packed effectively, you will know which boxes you will be accessing frequently and which boxes you will not. As you unload our free moving truck (Yes, we have one at each location!) and pack your storage unit with stuff, place the items that you won’t be needing towards the back and the items you will need towards the front.

The ideal way of packing a storage unit is to put larger, heavier items down first, then you can stack lighter ones on top.

Dividing up your unit into different sections will also help you map out your unit in a layered layout, so you’ll know exlocatactly where everything is.

There are multiple ways that you can utilize your space, but these are the storage unit organization ideas that our clients have enjoyed the most.

Have any questions? Give us a call at one of our three locations in Central Arkansas!

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