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July 13th, 2021


We know safety is a top concern for you when it comes to finding a place in Little Rock to store your belongings. That’s why security is our top priority! At Modern Storage, we provide secure storage units so you can sleep at night knowing your valuables are safe and sound.

While Modern Storage cannot 100% guarantee safety (We can’t predict the unpredictable!), we do use the most up-to-date security features available in the self-storage industry.

What are they, you ask? Each Modern Storage location is equipped with exterior lighting, controlled-access gates, and 24-hour surveillance cameras to help keep your valuables safe.

Let's dig deeper into each security feature to show you what we're talking about!

Security Gates

Every entrance and exit at our storage facilities is gated. Plus, the perimeter of each storage facility is securely fenced.

Only customers with a valid gate code can enter and exit through these gates. Each gate code is unique to the customer, so we always know who is at the gate and when they come in or out. No unauthorized individuals will ever be near your storage unit.

At our West Little Rock location, you can't even access the climate-controlled storage buildings without re-entering your code.

If you need to stop by your storage unit, you can enter the facility daily from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. We even offer 24-hour access for any customer that may want it for just $10 per month!

Security Cameras

Our self-storage facilities are constantly monitored by dozens of security cameras:

  • West Little Rock storage facility – 100 security cameras
  • Maumelle storage facility – 30 security cameras
  • Little Rock storage facility – 50 security cameras

These 24-hour surveillance cameras are top-of-the-line to help ensure the safety of your secure storage unit. If an incident were to ever occur, we can review our video records.

Security Locks

Our secure storage units have built-in latches that can hold a variety of different locks to keep your items secured.

Don’t have your own lock? No problem! We have disc locks available for purchase at every Modern Storage location.

Security Alarms

At our West Little Rock location, our secure storage units are equipped with an extra layer of security: door alarms!

Anytime your unit door is opened, you receive a notification, and so do we. All you must do is download an app to your phone to monitor the safety of your storage unit.

Feeling secure has never been so easy!

Tenant Insurance

While tenant insurance is not required as a Modern Storage customer, it is highly recommended. We offer affordable insurance options for all storage units:

  • $9 a month for $2,000 worth of coverage
  • $14 a month for $3,000 worth of coverage
  • $22 a month for $5,000 worth of coverage

On-Site Management

If everything we just mentioned hasn’t convinced you that Modern Storage makes security a top priority, we also have a manager living on-site at each location to help with any emergencies that might arise.

Why? Because we know it’s better to be safe than sorry!

For secure storage options, you can't go wrong with choosing Modern Storage. Please contact us for more information or to ask us any questions.

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