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July 13th, 2021


Moving? Downsizing? Decluttering? These are just a few of the many reasons why you’re probably getting a storage unit.

Before you move in all your stuff, there are some handy self-storage tips and tricks we want you to have in your arsenal!

Continue reading to find out how you can keep your unit clean, organized, and safe.

#1: Protect Your Valuables

When packing everything up for your storage unit, you need to take extra precautions to protect your belongings.

You most likely will be stacking boxes on top of each other and moving them around as you add items to your unit. This increases the odds that something could get damaged.

Don’t take any chances! Instead, pack your delicate items with bubble wrap to ensure they stay intact while you’re storing them.

#2: Use Vacuum Seal Bags

Vacuum-sealed storage bags can be a serious lifesaver. Store anything you can in them!

You can include clothes, drapes, blankets, bedding, and pillows in a bag, vacuum out the air, and save a ton of space. This handy trick will also protect your belongings from moisture and pests.

#3: Label Your Containers

One of the best self-storage tips we always give our customers is to label your bags, boxes, and other containers.

But don’t just write “living room stuff” in Sharpie and call it a day!

Instead, label the box with the main components you can find inside. This way, you’ll know exactly what’s in every box without having to open them up first.

#4: Disassemble What You Can

A large dining table or TV stand can take up a lot of valuable space. So, disassemble what you can!

Wrap the pieces together and keep all screws in a bag taped to the item. You’ll save space in your storage unit and avoid worrying about losing items.

#5: Treat Leather

Are you storing leather furniture? You need to start think about preparing that precious couch for long-term storage.

Take the proper steps to clean and preserve anything leather with a good leather conditioner will do the trick. It will also help ensure that your leathers come out of storage looking good as new.

#6: Make Sure Everything Is Dry

This is an important self-storage tip if you plan to store appliances.

For example, dishwashers and refrigerators can both hold water inside them. You’ll want to make sure you drain your dishwasher and defrost your refrigerator before you store them.

If you don’t, that water can end up leaking and soaking your other belongings (which is big no-no here at Modern Storage).

The water can also evaporate and accumulate into humidity that causes mildew. Don’t allow that to happen!

#7: Stack to the Ceiling

When you’re paying for a storage unit rental, you want to maximize your space (and, thereby, your budget!). The smaller storage space you can use, the more money you’ll save.

The best way to fit all your belongings in the storage unit size of your choice is to make good use of vertical space. (Have you sign how tall the ceilings are at our West Little Rock location?)

Stack your boxes on top of each other until they reach the ceiling.

If you’re worried about putting too much weight on the bottom boxes, consider using stackable plastic containers or a shelving unit. You’ll still take advantage of all that vertical space but put less pressure on your cardboard boxes.

#8: Make an Aisle

Here’s a pro self-storage tip: Don’t forget to leave an aisle among the belongings in your storage unit!

You want to have one aisle going through the middle of your unit with the labels on your boxes facing the aisle. Otherwise, you will not be able to see what’s what without having to jump over boxes or push things aside.

#9: Dryer Sheets

One of the most important self-storage tips we can give you is to make sure your items stay safe from pests.

Spiders, moths, and other bugs can all find their way into units and wreak havoc on your stuff. Hello, we live in The Natural State!

One easy trick you can try to deter them is to use dryer sheets. Place them in the corners of your unit, between couch cushions, and inside boxes.

The smell will keep unwanted critters away while leaving your belongings smelling fresh. (Just remember to replace the sheets once a month for the best results.)

#10: Insure Your Unit

The last self-storage tip we will leave with you is simply this: insure your storage unit.

You have health insurance, car insurance, life insurance…why not protect yourself with tenant insurance, too?

Some insurance providers can include tenant insurance in your current policy, or you could talk to us about our options. Plans start at just $9 a month, so there’s no reason to avoid insuring your stuff!

Well, there you have it! That is our list of the very best self-storage tips and tricks.

Need any other advice? Contact us and we would be happy to help!

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