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January 6th, 2022

Here at Modern Storage, we appreciate and value our enterprise customers. It’s a relationship we take seriously, which is why we offer more enterprise-centered amenities than any other storage facility in Arkansas.

If you are looking to grow your business or create a more organized workspace, please use the information below to get an idea of all the different business storage options we can offer you.
With secure business storage units ranging in size from 5x5 to 12x35, we can guarantee you the perfect storage solution to meet your needs!


In today’s modern world, every business model is different and there is no “one size fits all” solution to find success anymore. Most companies today are looking for ways to be more agile, especially budding entrepreneurs building the brands of tomorrow.So, what could the advantages be to your business should you choose to rent a storage unit? We know a few!

Saving Money

When you do the math, renting a storage unit is much less expensive than expanding and remodeling your office space.Most businesses have found they no longer need more office space once they utilize a storage unit to get more organized and archive items that go unused during day-to-day operations.In the long run, this can add up to big savings for your business!


If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it’s that life can be unpredictable. This is especially true for any business in this economy!

Will you need to restructure your production capabilities this year? Relocate? Go paperless? Go office-less?In any case, our business storage rental agreements are month-to-month, so you can move and make changes whenever you like.

Location Location Location

With three locations in Central Arkansas and one in Bentonville, storing with Modern Storage can be a strategic business move.You can cut down on travel time between your warehouse, your clients, and your office all while streamlining business operations.


Once you decide you want to rent a business storage unit, your next big task is finding the facility that fits your needs best.

For the modern business owner, nobody else provides the kind of business amenities you will see at Modern Storage!

Drive-Up Access

You will want a storage facility that offers drive-up access with wide driveways if you will be making frequent trips to your storage unit to pick up and drop off equipment or inventory.

This is especially true for contractors or other service-focused businesses that store heavy equipment and lots of products!

Climate-Controlled Units

A climate-controlled unit is an absolute must for retailers that store inventory like clothing or businesses that keep files of important documents.

This temperature-controlled environment can help ensure that extreme heat or cold doesn’t warp or damage what gets stored in your unit.

24-Hour Access

Sometimes, standard access hours do not cut it for businesses utilizing self-storage.At all Modern Storage locations, normal gate access is granted to all tenants from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm daily. But, 24-hour access is an option we can offer for just $10 extra a month.

This will allow you to have access your unit any time you need it.

Package Acceptance

Yes, every Modern Storage location offers FREE package acceptance!

If you plan to use your storage unit to store inventory or other materials, we can have your packages delivered directly to your unit or store them in a secure space in our office until you can pick them up.


When storing anything essential to your business, we understand how important it is for you to know your items are safe and secure.

At Modern Storage, security is one of our top priorities. That’s why our security features include access-controlled entrances and exits, 24-hour camera surveillance, on-site managers, and more.

Business Center

At our West Little Rock and Bentonville locations, we can offer you even more amenities you will not find elsewhere.

Each facility hosts a business center that offers desktop computers and printers, a conference room only customers can reserve, and a Starbucks coffee bar with Otis Spunkmeyer cookies. Everything is completely complimentary!


Now that you’ve heard what Modern Storage has to offer, we bet you have some questions. Here are some common ones we can clear up quickly.

Can I use my storage unit as a shop?

Unfortunately, you cannot.

Storage units can only be used to store items. Working on vehicles or operating machinery inside a unit is not permitted.

Can I run my business out of my storage unit?

Yes, and easily!You can store inventory without any issues, meet with clients in our conference room, and keep your creativity flowing with free coffee seven days a week.

If you have any other questions about business storage, please find a Modern Storage® location nearest you and speak to one of our storage experts.We would love to become an asset to your business!

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