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July 20th, 2021


One of the key factors you need to look for when selecting a storage unit is security. After all, what’s the point of storing your personal belongings in a place that isn’t safe?

Unfortunately, not all self-storage places are created equal. Some have great deals on their rental rates but have troubling gaps in their security programs. Once you leave your storage unit, your items become vulnerable. That’s scary!

Luckily, you don’t have to look too far to find a storage facility that focuses on security. At every Modern Storage® location.

Are you unsure of what security features to look out for? No worries! We will go over some of the most important security must-haves you need for your storage unit.

#1: Perimeter Fencing

A fully gated facility is your first must-have when searching for the safest storage unit in town.

Perimeter fencing is key: the fence should surround the entire facility, not just the entrance. It should be strong, sturdy, undamaged, and difficult to climb.In other words, a basic chain-link fence will not keep out unwanted intruders.

All Modern Storage® facilities are fully surrounded by steel perimeter fencing. We also have controlled-access entry and exit gates. Which brings us to our next must-have…

#2: Controlled-Access Gates

To enter our secure storage facilities beyond the perimeter fencing, you first must get through a security gate.

Each Modern Storage® customer has a unique access code they must enter at the keypad upon entry and exit. No code? No go.

Not only do our controlled-access gates keep out non-customers, but it also allows us to track which customer enters the facility and when.

#3: Security Cameras

Your third security must-have is surveillance. When you visit any storage facility, just look up! You should see security cameras watching your every move.

At Modern Storage® location, we have dozens of 24-hour surveillance cameras recording the entire storage facility. Don’t just settle for any kind of “surveillance.” Your items should be monitored all day, every day!

#4: A Company That Cares

The last security feature we feel is a must-have is a storage company that cares. Don’t store somewhere with a lackluster staff that offers you minimal support. Store with someone that puts your priorities in the right place.

We at Modern Storage® pride ourselves with putting customer service at the forefront of everything we do. We can confidently say we offer the most secure storage units in the state, and we always go the extra mile to make sure you feel safe here.

From top-notch surveillance cameras to team members that truly care, you can’t get much better than Modern Storage®. Our security features are simply a must-have!

Did we also mention that we offer all new customers a FREE move-in truck with your storage unit reservation? Find a Modern Storage® location near you now and start storing your stuff today!

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