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July 13th, 2021


What are you afraid of? Bugs? Burglars? Bankruptcy? Since we’re getting close to Halloween, we can assume you may be afraid of people dressed like monsters out of your nightmares, too.

But do you know what scares us the most? Other self-storage facilities. They don’t offer the services and amenities we do, and the customer always loses out.

For that reason, we wanted to give you the inside scoop on what can be scary about self-storage if you don’t decide to “Go Modern.”

Free Starbucks Coffee

At our West Little Rock location, you can grab a fresh cup of free Starbucks coffee anytime our office is open. Hot or iced, however you like. Our state-of-the-art machine even makes hot tea and cocoa!

From the same coffee bar, you can also get free water and all kinds of cookies.

Isn’t it scary that other self-storage facilities avoid offering this simple luxury? It’s the least we can do to offer you a nice refreshment as a thank you for storing with Modern Storage.

Moving Supplies

If you’re moving, you need supplies. Simple as that! Boxes, tape, bubble wrap…you need it all.

That’s why we sell moving supplies inside every Modern Storage facility. Just walk into the office, tell us what you need, and we can show you our supplies available for sale.

Some storage facilities just don’t offer supplies. At all! Isn’t that scary? What are you supposed to do if you run out of boxes?

24-Hour Surveillance Cameras

Many self-storage facilities in Little Rock have security cameras, sure. But do they have as many as we do? Nope. That’s scary!

At other facilities, cameras are only placed in a few high-traffic spots. Something suspicious can be missed if it isn’t recorded in one of these few spots.

You don’t have to worry about anything getting missed at Modern Storage. Our West Little Rock location alone has over 100 security cameras recording 24-hours a day.

Free Moving Truck

Moving day is always a pain, no matter how prepared you are. Some self-storage facilities don’t offer any kind of assistance, and that’s just scary. How are you supposed to get your stuff to your storage unit?

At Modern Storage, we’re always here to help our customers. That’s why we chose to make things easier on you by offering a free box truck to use at move-in.

Once you get here, we also have carts you can use to unload your stuff and take it to your unit.

Are you a little more scared now knowing what you could miss if you store somewhere else?

Find the Modern Storage location nearest you now and contact us. Every member of our staff is smart and sweet (never scary!), and we are happy to help you choose the perfect storage unit.

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