Self Storage

February 20th, 2022

Have you ever come home and been unable to park your car inside your own garage? Have your hobbies, collectibles, or even family heirlooms overflowed into your home? Decluttering can seem daunting because you might not want to eliminate those items. That's where Modern Storage comes in.

Having boxes falling over or getting in your way is a headache, so storing those boxes at Modern Storage is a perfect way to get those boxes out of your garage and into a space you can organize.

Start sorting the boxes and items you already have into a storage pile. Once those are established, label the totes, so you know exactly what is in each tote. Use labels that are meant for storage or some that you can write on to help organize your items at a glance. A good tip is to store them in clear bins to see the items visually.

Once you have the items you want to put into storage, give us a call, and we'll be happy to help find the proper storage unit for your items. You'll even be able to use our moving truck for free to help deliver those items to your new storage unit. You can always downsize once you've found time to go through your items, but who knows, you might need extra space when someone needs to move back home. So, please don't add to the clutter; store it in style at Modern Storage.

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