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July 13th, 2021


Arkansas winters can be brutal and unpredictable. The cold weather not only wreaks havoc on our bodies, but also threatens the integrity of items in your storage unit. Can you securely say your stuff isn’t at risk?

We want to help you prepare for the winter months ahead, and that all starts with seriously considering choosing a climate-controlled storage unit. Not sure you need it? Need to see more facts? Here is some serious insight on why climate control is perfect for you during these cold months.

How Does Climate-Controlled Storage Work During Winter?

Year-round, the key to climate control is to keep your valuables protected from extreme heat, extreme cold, and humidity. In a climate-controlled storage unit, the space itself and the hallway surrounding it is heated or cooled depending on outside temperature.

When it comes to wintertime, it’s important to keep a climate-controlled storage unit far above freezing temperatures. That’s why we utilize insulation and central heating to protect your belongings from even the harshest of winters.

For additional protection, climate-controlled storage units also maintain a consistent humidity level. If you can imagine what cold, damp conditions could do to your most precious possessions, you can see why climate control is so important.

How Bad Can an Arkansas Winter Really Be?

Are you still questioning if a climate-controlled storage unit is something you should choose? You need to know what the cold temperatures can do to your valuables.

From furniture to photos, the following most commonly stored items are very temperature sensitive.

Wood Furniture

Cold, humid conditions can cause warping and cracking in your beautiful wood furniture.

Leather Furniture

Humidity hangs in the air like heavy rain during wintertime, leaving your leather goods dried out or discolored once it warms up in the Spring.


Household appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers, dishwashers, etc. all have electrical and mechanical parts that can get damaged in extreme cold.


When temperatures drop to freezing, the internal parts of electronics can get damaged. Think about your TVs, stereos, computers…do you think they could survive a harsh winter stored outside?


Special collections of comic books, vinyl records, etc. should all be kept at a constant temperature to keep them protected in mint condition. If cold, damp conditions can warp wood and leather, imagine what they can do to paper and plastic!


A climate-controlled storage unit is your best option for keeping clothing crisp, dry and in great shape.

Battery-Operated Devices

If you’re storing anything that contains a battery, a climate-controlled storage unit is always the way to go. Freezing temperatures can cause the liquid inside battery cells to freeze, then crack when they re-expand when the weather warms back up.

Documents and Photos

Extreme temperatures can fade or discolor your most important paperwork and photographs. 


Priceless artwork and crafting supplies need to be protected from exposure to chill and moisture. You don’t want your paintings to crack under the pressure of a harsh winter, do you?


Leaving an instrument in a storage unit without climate control is simply too risky. Heated storage is imperative throughout the winter months to keep your instrument tuned and ready for your next performance.

Where Do I Start with Climate Control?

Are you currently storing your stuff in an outdoor storage unit? No problem! We can get you transferred into a climate-controlled unit that will be much more secure.

Are you ready to store your stuff for the first time? No matter what you are looking to store, the experts at Modern Storage can help you select the perfect storage unit size.

Between our three Arkansas locations, we have climate-controlled units ranging in size from a small 4x4 storage locker to a large 10x20 storage unit that comes with an electrical outlet. With our month-to-month rental agreements, you can stay as little or as long as you need to.

Contact us today and let us get you stored away in style!

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