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January 8th, 2022

Summer is when we always see the biggest shift in our customers’ storage needs. You get busier, which means we get busier, and we consider it our duty to make sure you’re well prepared.

Starting with the basics, it’s important to prioritize what you need to store this summer before it’s too late to do it.

Whether you have a bulky winter wardrobe, brand-new boat, or valuable family heirlooms, read on to find out why you need to act now and rent a storage unit with the best storage company in town. (That’s us!)


April showers bring May flowers, then Arkansas gets hit with a massive heat wave of humidity. If you don’t get your valuables stored away before summer hits, it can cause all kinds of negative impacts.

That’s why we always like to recommend renting a climate-controlled storage unit, especially for temperature-sensitive items like artwork, electronics, furniture, etc.

Don’t need to store these kinds of items? Reserve a drive-up accessible unit that makes it easy to make frequent visits to your storage unit.


Bulky winter wardrobes can take up precious space in your closet, especially if you plan to purchase new outfits for the season. Now is the time to put away winter coats and boots and pull out your swimsuits and flip flops!

By renting a storage unit for your seasonal clothing now versus later in the summer, you will save yourself so many headaches.If you need packing advice, we recommend using plastic bins or vacuum sealed storage bags to help prevent mildew. Dryer sheets or a few drops of essential oils can go a long way in keeping your clothing from developing a musty smell over the summer, too.


Are you excited to buy a new canoe, kayak, lawnmower, boat, motorcycle, or RV to enjoy this summer? You’re going to need more storage space at home!

We know your storage needs can change just like the season, and we have storage units in so many sizes waiting for when you’re ready to swap out your belongings and make more space in your garage.  

Go ahead and reserve a unit now at a Modern Storage® location near you. You can even purchase moving supplies from us like boxes and bubble wrap!


Summer is peak storage season for a reason. Between outdoor adventurers, college students, and home remodelers, you aren’t the only person in town that will need a storage unit nearby this summer.

Our facilities will fill up quickly, so make sure you reserve the storage unit size you need now before it’s gone!If you need help deciding what size unit you need, check out our handy storage calculator. Or just call a Modern Storage® location near you for assistance from our storage experts.

Did we mention we also prorate your first month’s rent to your move-in date, and we offer a free moving truck? Now, that’s Modern!

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