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July 13th, 2021

Let Us Answer All Your Questions About Climate Controlled Units

As you weigh your options between renting a climate control unit or a non-climate control unit, naturally, a lot of questions come up. At Modern Storage, we are always happy to answer them for you and help you make the best decision.Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about renting a climate control unit.

What does “climate-controlled” mean?

Having a climate-controlled unit, in other words, means that the unit is temperature-controlled. It is also located indoors, as not to interact with the elements outside.Depending on the weather, which constantly changes here in Arkansas with our humidity levels, climate control units at Modern Storage will always be kept between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is that all a climate-controlled unit does?

No! Because the unit is set at a controlled temperature, you will also keep your items from warping, fading, or damaging from fluctuating temperatures. If we have a sudden head wave, you can sleep soundly knowing your items are cool.Plus, because they are enclosed indoors, renting a climate control unit helps fight against pest and dust accumulation.

Why do I need a climate-controlled unit?

A climate-controlled storage unit is ideal for long-term storage of sensitive items. As the seasons change, you can trust that your most important belongings are not being exposed to the weather.If you are planning on storing any of the following items, we highly recommend renting a climate control unit:
  • items made of wood, or any large furniture
  • electronic devices
  • collectibles like artwork, comic books, or family heirlooms
  • beverages, like wine or spirits. At our West Little Rock location, we even offer special wine storage units to ensure your beverages will not spoil while in storage.

When do I not need a climate-controlled unit?

When you are storing items for a short amount of time, a climate-controlled unit is not essential. For example, if you need to store some belongings for a couple of months during one season, you usually do not need to worry about seasonal weather changes.Non-climate-controlled units are also the best option for storage customers on a budget, as climate-controlled units run at a higher price point.

What is a non-climate-controlled unit?

A non-climate unit is an average storage unit that does not benefit from any air conditioning. These units are usually drive-up, outdoor access, so their condition is dictated by the weather outside.We hope this gives you a better understanding of when and why you might want to rent a climate control unit. If you have any questions about your personal storage needs, please contact us.

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