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January 7th, 2022


Are you a first-time renter? After the chaos of packing and moving, the last thing you would want to deal with is a pest infestation in your storage unit.

Everyone must learn how to prevent insects and rodents, and a little preparation goes a long way to keep your items clean and safe.If you’re ready to get started and take the appropriate precautions, the experts here at Modern Storage® have six tips to help keep pests from infiltrating your storage unit.

#1: Clean Before You Store

Before you start packing, it is crucial that you thoroughly clean anything going into your storage unit if you want to prevent pests.

Launder any clothing, vacuum out and clean your furniture, dust and sanitize all surfaces, and trash anything that could attract attention from bugs or rodents.

#2: Pack Items Correctly

The most effective way to keep pests out of your belongings is by packing them in well-sealed, airtight containers. Plastic containers are best, especially for linens, fabrics, and clothing.

But if you prefer using cardboard boxes, please purchase new boxes and tape them tightly. New boxes will be stronger and less likely to have gaps or punctures that pests could enter.

Avoid repurposing free boxes you may have grabbed at a grocery store or restaurant, as they may have food residue or scents that pests will love to find!

#3: Leave Food at Home

This tip might seem obvious, but you might be surprised to learn how many people make the mistake of storing food items inside their storage unit. It’s a big no-no here a Modern Storage®, even non-perishables!

Before you lock up your storage unit, look out for food where you might not have intended to leave it. Try not to eat in your storage unit as well – the lingering smell can be a major attraction for unwanted invaders.

#4: Cover Mattresses and Furniture

Did you know the most common way bed bugs get into storage units is through mattresses?

Make sure any mattress you keep in storage is wrapped with a plastic mattress cover specifically designed for pest prevention. If you need help finding one, we sell them on-site at every Modern Storage® location!

For pieces of furniture, cleaning them and covering them in a sturdy cloth is a good way to prevent pets. Just remember that you want to keep pests out, but also let your items breathe.Wrapping furniture too tightly in plastic or cloth can cause moisture build-up and ruin your furniture if kept in a storage unit that is not climate controlled.

#5: Use Natural Pest Deterrents

Pest deterrents are, of course, a great way to keep pests out of your unit. But before you use any type of bug spray or chemical deterrent, please inform one of our Modern Storage® experts first.

Deterrents like mothballs might seem harmless, but the smell can ruin clothing and furniture in your unit and neighboring units.

There are other things you can do to prevent pests naturally:

  • Keep your unit clean and swept.
  • Eliminate unwanted odors using products like DampRid.
  • Leave a bowl of cedar blocks on a shelf inside your unit.
  • Drop lavender or peppermint essential oil onto cotton balls and scatter them in your unit.

#6: Check Your Insurance Policy

Be assured we do our best to prevent pests across every Modern Storage® facility. We keep our landscaping trimmed, clean building hallways and common areas, conduct regular trash pick-ups, and employ a pest control company for quarterly maintenance services.

But even the cleanest storage facility can have a pest problem if a tenant unknowingly attracts rodents and insects into their unit.

If an infestation happens, your most significant line of defense is going to be a comprehensive insurance policy. Your home insurance policy could already cover your personal belongings if left in a storage unit, so it’s best to check your policy before moving anything.

If you need coverage, we offer all tenants multiple options of insurance protection at low monthly rates!

Once you’re covered, take an accurate inventory of the belongings in your unit. This kind of documentation will make the claim process much easier and less stressful in the event of damage.

By following our tips and storing your belongings correctly, it’s highly unlikely you will have an issue with bugs.But if you have any questions, please locate a Modern Storage® facility near you and give one of our storage experts a call for assistance.

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