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July 13th, 2021


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner! If you don’t have a plan in place for when your shipments start getting delivered, this holiday season could be anything but a happy one. That’s why we encourage every Modern Storage customer to take advantage of our package acceptance program.  Did we forget to mention that this service is FREE? Let us tell you why we should be your holiday season hero!

Package Acceptance for Residential Customers

Nothing is worse than coming home to missing or stolen packages. Here at Modern Storage, we have the perfect solution to save you from delivery disasters!Starting at just $45 a month with a 4x4 storage locker or a 5x5 storage unit, we have storage spaces you can rent to take advantage of our package acceptance services. Through our package program, we can accept your packages and place them in your storage unit for you. Then, you can pick them up at your convenience from a secure location.This way, your packages stay locked up away behind security gates instead of sitting out in the open on your front porch.  You can trust that all your packages will be handled with care at Modern Storage. We can assure you that your packages with make it safely to your unit, as long as we are here to accept them for you.

Package Acceptance for Business Customers

At Modern Storage, we understand how important deliveries in making your business runs smoothly, especially during the holiday season. To help make this a reality, we have extra-large driveways to ensure that all business storage customers can accept deliveries from semi-trucks at every Modern Storage location.At your request, we can also accept hand-placed deliveries into your unit while you are off-site doing your job. These deliveries can be packages of any size, including pallet-size deliveries. If a shipment will fit in your storage unit, we can coordinate the drop-off no problem!Should you prefer to move your packages yourself, we would be happy to hold them in our office until you are able to pick them up.So far, we have been able to help hundreds of business, local and regional, streamline their shipments and deliveries. Let Modern Storage help you take some stress out of running your business this holiday season!

Signing Up for Package Acceptance

Remember, package acceptance is a free service we are happy to offer to you anytime you need it. We just need to know when and how we can best help you.To sign up for our package acceptance program and see how we can help personalize your experience, just call the storage location nearest you for more information:

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