Vehicle Storage

July 13th, 2021


Boats, RVs, cars, trailers…where do you store them when you aren’t using them? If you’re asking yourself if finding safe vehicle storage near you is possible, we need you to know that the answer is YES at Modern Storage!At all Modern Storage locations, you can find indoor and outdoor self-storage options that are perfect for storing your vehicle. Whether you have a precious antique car or just need to leave town for a while, we have a vehicle storage solution that can secure and protect your vehicle.

What Modern Vehicle Storage Looks Like

While we offer both indoor and outdoor vehicle storage solutions, our customers’ preferred choice tends to be an outdoor parking space. These spaces consist of a concrete pad with designated parking spots. Even though these outdoor parking spots are uncovered, you can trust that your vehicle is safe thanks to our security gates and 24-hour security camera surveillance.If you are interested in an outdoor vehicle storage spot, we have three different storage unit sizes available:
  • Our 12x25 vehicle storage spots are $50 a month. Smaller-sized cars and boats will fit in this storage option.  
  • Our next size up is a 12x35 parking spot for $75 a month. Small RVs and commercial vehicles will fit perfectly in this unit size.
  • Our last outdoor vehicle storage size is a 12x50 parking spot for $100 a month. Larger RVs and commercial vehicles best use this size parking spot.

Indoor Vehicle Storage Units

If you prefer covered vehicle storage, we have indoor storage units you can drive into and park safely. When you store your vehicle in an enclosed storage unit, you can protect it from harsh weather elements like ice, snow, and hail. For those of you storing a boat or RV during the winter, this is the perfect storage solution.Our largest indoor storage unit size is 12x35 priced at $275 a month. These are regular non-climate-controlled storage units that your vehicle can fit inside with the door shut. Most vehicles can be stored in a storage unit, but feel free to ask one of our storage experts for their advice on how to store your vehicle best.  

Our Vehicle Storage Facilities Near You

Are you ready to safely store your vehicle? There are three Modern Storage locations throughout the Little Rock metro area, and all offer vehicle storage near you:
Please note that your vehicle must be in running order to store it at any Modern Storage location.If you are coming from outside Little Rock to storage your boat, RV, car, or trailer, look at our self-storage locations map to find a facility that’s closest to you and easiest to reach. You can also compare unit pricing and reserve your unit online right now!

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