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July 13th, 2021

You Are Not Alone - All Type of People Need Storage Units

When contemplating the question of, “Who uses storage units?” we can reflect on past experiences, dig into formal knowledge, and pull from industry statistics. Self-storage units exist all over the US, or (in our case) all over Central Arkansas. So, there must be plenty of people who need them!What we unveil in the paragraphs below didn’t really surprise us. Will it surprise you?


Through personal experience in the workplace, we have come to see that most people who acquire a storage unit—whether it be for extended periods of time or not—are people that are moving, renovating, or running out of room at their residence. Which, can be anyone!For that reason, the people who use storage units end up being people from all backgrounds. We love it! We get to help so many people through key transitions in their lives.But, what does the data say about who uses storage units?


According to the Parham Group’s studies, 84% of all storage renters are women and 95% of men are moving the belongings that are to be stored.Parham Group also states that statistically, 88% of storage customers range between the ages of 21 and 55. Income-wise, 78% of storage customers fall somewhere in between the lower middle class and upper middle class.Many of the customers we encounter on a day-to-day basis fit inside this bracket. But, when you think about it, about half of the US population fits these categories. So, if you do, too, you are clearly not alone.No matter what anyone says, self-storage is not just for a one set type of person, economic status, or lifestyle. It is a useful tool than most everyday people (such as yourself) can use to accommodate your needs when life depends on it.


When life calls you into action, it’s less about who uses a storage unit than how do you decide where to store. Here is what statistics show are the most important factors:
  1. 62% of people appreciate appropriate security at a storage facility
  2. 15% of customers like the convenience of the location of a storage facility
Security. Location. Makes sense to us!


Just like you, we prioritize security and location. That’s why we have three secure storage locations across the Little Rock metro area!At Modern Storage, we take our security features to the next level. Every facility is gated and fenced, so only our staff and our customers can enter and exit at any time. If you don’t have your own door lock, you can even purchase one from us for next-to-nothing.When you visit our newest self-storage location in West Little Rock, you will see that we also have individual door alarms for every single storage unit. So, if anyone enters your storage unit at any time, you will immediately receive an emergency notification via an app on your phone. That’s the Modern Storage way!If you need to use a storage unit for any reason, come talk to us! We can help you find the perfect storage solution that fits your budget, timeline, and lifestyle.

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