Climate Control Storage

July 13th, 2021


Winter in Arkansas can be brutal. When frigid temperatures and humidity fluctuations take hold, it causes damage to your belongings you may never have fathomed. Fortunately, Modern Storage has a solution that can address the issue: climate-controlled storage units!

What Are Climate-Controlled Storage Units?

Climate-controlled storage units are the best way to keep your belongings in good health all year long. Climate-controlled units are heated and cooled to store your belongings between a steady 55 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, no matter what the temperature is outside.

Why Should You Care?

Many people we speak to are aware that heat and humidity can cause harm to their items in the summer. But, no so many are aware that the extreme drops in temperature during the winter can cause the same effect.Without climate control, a storage unit will allow a buildup of moisture and humidity on your items during warm summer months. Living in sticky southern areas like Arkansas creates a prime environment for these conditions.This means during winter, the accumulated moisture will freeze and potentially destroy many of your beloved items.Here are just a few ways your items can be affected by winter’s chill without being stored in a climate-controlled environment:

Lips aren’t the only thing cracking in the winter!

Leather, wood, canvas art, glassware, dishes, china, and other delicate materials can be destroyed with the freezing of the humidity caused by warmer months.

The Energizer Bunny cannot keep going and going when it’s freezing outside!

Your electronics are at great risk if not cared for in the cold. Damage can be done to the batteries, hard drives, and electrical systems of your devices when left to freezing temperatures.

The Little Engine That Could may not!

Small engine equipment such as mowers, leaf blowers, golf carts, dirt bikes, boats, and 4-wheelers must be properly stored during the winter. Without great care, freezing temperatures can cause damage to batteries, cracks in the engine and hoses, and harm to the electrical systems.

Picture imperfect.

Although heat and humidity cause the greatest damage level to photos, they can also be impacted by the cold. If not stored properly, the items you care the most about preserving can get cracked and faded with temperature variations. The same goes for all your important documents and collectibles, such as instruments, stamps, dolls, and comics.

“Excuse me sir? Is your refrigerator running?”

Appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, electric stoves, and dishwashers are all greatly affected by freezing temperatures. They have water lines and delicate mechanical systems that can be injured with harsh winter weather.

Do You Need a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit?

To play devil’s advocate, we know there are plenty of cases where a regular outdoor storage unit will suffice for your storage needs. If you are not storing for long periods of time or have items that will be unaffected by heating and freezing, we can certainly agree that climate-controlled storage units are not the way to go for you.But if you’re looking to store for several months or more, your sentimental, valuable, and irreplaceable items will be exposed to temperature variations as the seasons change. If you don’t want to risk Mother Nature’s power, then climate-controlled storage units are your answer!Find the Modern Storage location nearest you to learn more about our climate-controlled storage options and reserve a unit today.

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