July 13th, 2021


Here at Modern Storage, we try to make your move go as smoothly as possible. It’s stressful enough making the decision to move in the first place! To make life a little bit easier for you, we have all the packing and moving essentials you need at every Modern Storage location. The best part? Each item is $10 or under!Now that you know what you’re in for, let’s get to our list of essential moving supplies:

Moving Boxes

Boxes need to be at the very top of your packing and moving essentials list. If you can’t borrow or find boxes on your own, you need to purchase them. We have small, medium, large, and extra larges cardboard boxes on hand to accommodate whatever you need to box up.Plus, if you don’t use all your moving boxes, you can get a refund through our buyback program. See? We thought of everything!

Bubble Wrap

Newspaper and linens can only get you so far when packing up valuable or breakable belongings. For these delicate items, we could not recommend bubble wrap more.That’s why we keep both small and large rolls of bubble wrap in stock. Stop by the Modern Storage facility nearest you anytime to grab this essential packing and moving supply.

Packing Tape

When it comes time to close the moving boxes you packed, we are not fans of the folding and tucking technique. There is no way that will secure your items safely. You need packing tape!We sell packing tape in single rolls as well as packages of three.Just make sure you tape both the bottom and top of the box thoroughly using the “H” taping method, and you will be good to go.

Mattress Bags

If accidents happen during your move, an unprotected mattress could be the first victim. Imagine if you dropped the mattress, or it rained on your moving day! Beyond that, if you plan to store your mattress uncovered, it could easily become a trap for dust, allergens, and pests.We suggest you keep your mattress protected with a mattress bag. We have twin-, queen-, and king-sized mattress bags available for purchase at every Modern Storage location.


Whenever you rent a storage unit at Modern Storage, you can use our free moving truck to get your belongings from Point A to Point B. When using the free moving truck, you are also welcome to rent a dolly from us to help move larger items in and out.Doesn’t that make the process a little easier?

Storage Unit Locks

The last thing you need to worry about once you get all your belongings moved in is their safety or security. That’s why every Modern Storage facility has security features like 24-hour camera surveillance, gated entrances, and perimeter fencing. At our West Little Rock storage location, we even have door alarms on every single storage unit.For complete peace of mind, it is essential that you secure your storage unit with some kind of lock. If you don’t have your own, you can purchase a disc lock or pinhole lock from us.

Shelving Racks

If you are having trouble organizing your belongings in your storage unit, we highly recommend shelving racks. We would be happy to rent out the racks we have on hand to make your life a little easier.Do you see now why having these packing and moving essentials are crucial for a seamless storage experience? Contact us today if you have any questions about our supplies.

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