Holiday Storage

July 13th, 2021


Let us all be free of Christmas clutter! The holidays are here, and we expect shopping for gifts will end up stuffing every closet across Little Rock.Don’t fret! Your friends here at Modern Storage have the perfect amount of storage space for you. Your sneaky kids can’t find their presents if they’re locked safe and sound at a storage facility, can they?Now, before you say to yourself that seems silly, let us present you with a few common holiday scenarios:

I only have a couple presents to hide.

Try our 4x4 storage lockers! Our West Little Rock location has indoor, 4x4 storage units perfect for storing a few presents, some extra wrapping paper, or your secret Santa costume.  

I bought some bigger stuff I don’t have space to hide.

We have small 5x5 storage units all the way up to large 10x30 storage units. No matter how much you bought or what kind of Christmas clutter you have, you can easily fit what’s going under your Christmas tree in at least one of our secure units.

Someone is getting a new vehicle for Christmas!

Perfect! We have vehicle storage spaces perfect for hiding a huge present until Christmas. Whether it’s a car, truck, boat, RV, or ATV, we have got you covered.Check out our West Little Rock location to find an available parking space.


A closet, attic, or garage can only get you so far when you need to hide a lot of presents. That’s why renting a storage unit is the best option for clearing Christmas clutter.Aside from the space factor, there is a bounty of other benefits you should consider:
  1. Package Acceptance
Worried about your Christmas packages getting stolen from your front door? Have them shipped straight to Modern Storage, and we will store them for you! Through our package acceptance program, we happily sign for our customers’ packages and keep them safe until you’re ready to pick them up.
  1. 24-hour Access
We offer 24-hour access to all Modern Storage customers for just $10 more a month. This allows you to come anytime during the night or day to your very own Santa’s closet for super-secret present packing and wrapping.
  1. Climate Control
Modern Storage has a variety of storage unit options that are climate-controlled. Instead of stacking presents in the corner of your frigid garage, keep them safe in a clean, climate-controlled space with a constant and comfortable room temperature.
  1. Security
It’s almost 2019. We know safety and security is important to you, that’s why we have the latest security camera technology to spot anyone that comes or goes from our self-storage facilities. Every facility features gated access, and no one can get in without a code.Think of it like this: We watch over your storage unit like Santa watches your little ones to see if they are naughty or nice all year. Your items will remain as safe as possible!
  1. The Surprise
Everyone loves a surprise, especially one with a giant red bow on it. Every year, we all see someone we know surprising their 16-year-old daughter or son with their first car. Don’t spoil the surprise! Our parking spaces start as low as $50 a month.We invite you to get creative this year and clear the Christmas clutter from inside your tiny closets, garages, sheds, and cabinets.A storage facility is the perfect place to make sure there is absolutely no peeking and your items are secured. You will be the only one that can access your unit to see what’s inside!Our storage unit leases are always month-to-month. If you only want some space for a month or two, Modern Storage is what you need, and we would love to help you.Get started today, and let our team prorate your move-in!

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