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July 13th, 2021


The answer to “What do storage units cost?” can be answered in many convoluted ways by various salespeople and comparison sites. But, we are going to be very upfront with you and give you the answers you’re looking for, plus tips along the way. Keep reading for a breakdown of all the costs associated with a self-storage unit at Modern Storage facilities across the Little Rock metro area.

Storage Unit Sizes

To start, remember that storage units vary in cost depending on the size of space that you will need. This will factor most obviously into how much you will spend every month. With a smaller storage unit and less square footage, your costs will be lower. For example, you will pay less for a 5x5 storage unit T 25 square feet starting at $45 per month compared to our largest storage unit, which is a 12x35 unit at 420 square feet starting at $115 per month.It’s not uncommon for storage customers to accidentally go too small or too large, so we provide a storage calculator that helps you estimate your storage needs. Make sure you have the correct unit size in mind when making your reservation, so you do not waste space or money.

Location, Location, Location

Location is another factor when determining the costs to rent a unit from a storage facility.  For example, if you rent a storage unit in Little Rock, it will cost more than if you were to rent from a storage facility in a more rural, less dense area outside of the city. We’re going to be honest! You might be able to find a cheaper storage option if you go for something far outside Little Rock. But, we chose the locations of our storage units based on their convenience. We go where our customers need us and we provide incredible amenities like added security and 24-hour surveillance. That’s why you can find us off Chenal Parkway, Maumelle Boulevard, and Markham Street.

Climate Control vs. Non-Climate Control

Climate control or non-climate control storage units are also varied in price. The difference between the two are that climate-controlled storage units are heated and cooled between 55-85 degrees year-round. This temperature control protects your items from the outside elements by regulating the storage temperature and reducing exposure to humidity. You will also find less surface dust inside these units. Storing your belonging is a non-climate unit is like storing items in a garage.Overall, climate control units are typically more expensive in price than your average self-storage unit. For example, at Modern Storage West Little Rock, we have a 4x4 climate control storage locker starting at $45 per month. But, you could also find a 5x5 non-climate control storage unit there for $42 a month. For more pricing details and direct links to each of our facilities’ climate control options, visit our climate control page.

Insurance Costs

Tenant insurance is offered at all facilities for an added fee. The cost will depend on the stated value of your belongings. We utilize the Storage Business Owners Alliance (SBOA), which offers coverage from $1,000 for $7 per month to $10,000 for $40 per month. Paperwork can be filled out in a matter of minutes at any Modern Storage location.Tip: You can also get with your homeowner’s insurance provider to see if they provide coverage for your storage unit under your policy. You may already be paying for it!

Storage Specials

We offer specials at all our self-storage locations. The best special we have available 365 days a year at every facility is our free moving truck. This truck is a 14-foot box truck that you can use for free to move your items into our storage facilities in Little Rock and Maumelle. All you need is your driver’s license and a copy of your car insurance. The gas tank will be full and ready for you!Another special we offer is a free 13th month if you pay for a year in advance. We have month-to-month lease terms, so you can reserve your unit for as long as you need one.Finally, as of the date this blog was posted, we are running a Grand Opening special at our West Little Rock facility. You can get your third month free on all unit sizes!If you have any questions about what storage units cost at any of our locations, please contact us.

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